Alone With Your Thoughts

Twice this week, friends explain that they listen to podcasts constantly because–among other benefits like learning new things–they also don’t want to be alone with their thoughts.

I’m fascinated! A few nights ago, I interrogated someone about the all the ways I can learn new things all day long through my podcast app. Anything I want to listen to, I can. It requires no reading and no manual work from the body. I just listen while I’m walking, folding laundry, cooking, or just brushing my teeth. 

I confirm with my students: they like podcasts, especially if they have a drive, a long walk, or an evening alone. 

But, I ask, what about time to think your thoughts in silence? 

No! This is not good, I hear. 

What makes us so afraid of our thoughts? What terrible things happen in our minds if left alone to ponder for a night or during a drive or a solitary walk? 

For me, I need to be alone with my thoughts to create and synthesize what’s happened in the day. 

I’m thinking about this. 

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