All These Years Later: God Wastes Nothing

Today I return to the phone for a second radio interview. But it’s not about my books; it’s about my dissertation on shame I wrote nearly 20 years ago at the University of Michigan. I had mentioned–in that offhand kind of way that you never think people really take note of–that I had studied shame once.

The host really wanted to learn about what I discovered about shame and all the Lord has taught me since.

I tell my friend that God wastes nothing about us. All these years later, someone wants to talk about my dissertation.

I find myself talking about shame all over again today.

And you? I find myself wondering if there’s something you studied once, some experience you had long ago, or some project you completed that you thought was a waste or something now buried away. You never know when God will unearth that thing and use it for the benefit of others.

It might be two decades later.

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