Advice to Your 19 Year Old Self

I’m finishing a book of devotions for young adults, so I ask various folks what advice–if given the chance–they would give to their 19 year old self. So far, I hear this:

“I’d tell myself not to worry. God really is in control and works out everything for good.”
“I’d tell myself that no matter what you’ve done, you can just return to God cause He’s waiting.”
“I’d tell myself to wait patiently.”
“I’d tell myself to draw near to God.”
“I’d tell myself to forgive.”
“I’d tell myself to stop trying to please everybody.”
“I’d tell myself to relax.”

I think I’d tell myself how deeply loved and secure I am. I’d tell myself to wait for the best in a man because he’s going to find you in just seven years. I’d tell myself that it’s not worth it to disobey God. I’d tell myself to be a better daughter and sister. I’d tell myself that having children will just about kill you, and then God will resurrect you into something glorious: a mother. I’d tell myself that I’m not the star of the show. I’d tell myself to go for a long walk every day and to notice things.

I’d hold that girl tightly and tell her to sow deeply into beauty and God and that she will indeed reap a harvest.

What would you tell your 19 year old self?

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