Adding in One New Thing

I loved the day a little boy told me that “if nothing changes, I don’t either.” We were walking to school probably ten years ago when he told me how you always have to let something new into your world so you can experience good changes. Otherwise, we stagnate and wither. Ah, the wisdom of children!

I remembered that today when I thought about adding in some new things a few days ago. Here are some new things that do create positive change: I’m using a new Bible translation (the New Messianic). Today I start a new exercise routine on the bike for more endorphins. I’ve been using a new health tracker app and a new Bible reading app (Bible Recap). Today, I’m also meeting for a business clinic on how to move into general marketing for The Six Conversations since it has a wider appeal than only Christian readers. I cannot wait to discover all I will learn from marketing expert Jane Friedman.

If life feels stagnant, add something new into the system. We become creatures of such routine. Maybe you’re reading this and it’s time to take a risk on a new friendship. Maybe you want to add a pet into your life. Maybe you need a new destination today. Living with flair means to add something new into the system, even a small thing.

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