Abundant Goodness

Driving around town yesterday, I realized that when I pray to God, I believe He can answer and will bless. But I think He will do so in a just enough kind of manner. 

He can provide, but I don’t often trust that He will do so lavishly or abundantly. I limit Him in my mind; I protect my expectations. I thank God for His just enough provision.

Sitting in my car, I felt the nudge of–and conviction of–the Holy Spirit that perhaps God wants to do “immeasurably more” but my just enough manner of faith wasn’t welcoming this activity of God. 

I read Psalm 145:7 and how people “will celebrate the abundant goodness” of God. I read Ephesians 1 and how God lavishes upon us the riches of His grace. (Is there a better verb in all the world to describe God’s love and abundant goodness towards us? Lavish! He lavishes!)

Psalm 145 also proclaims that God fulfills and satisfies our desires. Might I increase my faith and expectation? Might I realize where I’m expecting just enough? 

Instead of just enough, I think of abundant goodness this morning. I pray God increases my faith to know His lavish manner toward me. 

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