A Wonderful Love Poured In

I think Romans 5:5 is a Bible verse of personal breakthrough. It’s so simple and so beautiful. It contains this little statement: “God has poured his love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.”

Can you imagine having God pour His love into you so that you don’t need so much attention or affection from others? What if this love so filled you that criticism didn’t penetrate in (there’s no room!) just as praise doesn’t fill you with it’s sugary and sometimes toxic liquid (there’s no room!). What if this love so filled you so that you moved about your day in a way that blessed others with this love that there’s so much of you can pass it around to thirsty people needing a sip? And then you tell them they don’t need you; they can have God pour this love right into them, too.

When God pours His love into your heart, you’re free to interact with people from a place of security and fullness. You don’t need them to fill any empty places inside. I pray that God increases our awareness of this love that has already been given through the Holy Spirit.

May we see ourselves as filled up–like one of those expensive water bottles that keeps things warm for the whole day so no external temperature matters–with the wonderful love of God.

Think of your heart like this water bottle. See God pouring in His love, all the way up, so you’re finally full.

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