A Very Bad Day!

Let me just say it: 

Our cat, Merlin, escaped into the wild today and has not returned. Many tears from the girls. 
Our daughter has an excruciating ear infection that is slow to heal. Many tears of pain. 

We just discovered mold and mildew covering most of our basement and sentimental items. Tears coming as I think about the work ahead. 
But–and of course there’s a but!
Yet–and of course there’s a yet!
Dear neighbors invited us to dinner and both girls have the immediate love and distraction of friends. 
The boys down the street have offered to search for Merlin. 
The ear will heal. 
The basement will recover with perhaps a forced renovation. 
We have food waiting on the porch, and we hope for Merlin’s return. 
We will remember this day for friends and hope and hard work. 
Grace abounds on this weary day. 
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