A Time for Every Task

When I feel overwhelmed with multiple projects, I remember the wisdom of setting a time for every task. This way, I can direct my full attention to a project without distraction. In your own life, you might set a specific time for writing, home projects, correspondence, etc.

If you feel scattered, one simple modification might help. For example, you don’t need to respond to emails, texts, and phone calls all day long. Why not respond to these only between 3:00-4:00 PM for example? Or, why not schedule 30 minutes to do that thing you don’t want to do that’s nagging at you? It might be cleaning a bathroom, organizing something, or tackling some administrative task. Just do that thing in the 10-30 minutes you’ve scheduled.

I love learning new ways to keep focused and meet deadlines. That overwhelmed and scattered feeling often goes away when you schedule when you’ll think about that thing that’s overwhelming you.

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