A Thrilling Thought for Writers

I pick up Charles Spurgeon’s All of Grace, and I pause at his thoughts about his own writing.

He writes that he sends forth his writing with “childlike dependence on the power of God” to bless his readers. He then asks so beautifully:

Who knows how many will find their way to peace by what they read here? A more important question for you is this: Will you be one of them? 

I love the question and the intention of it all. I love how Spurgeon imagines his readers finding their way to peace.

Spurgeon next offers up his words and so humbly says, “Here is my fountain, and here is my cup,” and he invites the reader to drink up. He then dedicates his writing with prayer and finally honors the reader for journeying along with him. Still, he wonders whether this one particular reader might find a certain joy in his words. He writes, “Who knows, maybe the time of blessing has come for you.”

I think about writing with childlike dependence on God and always desiring peace and blessing for our readers. What a wonderful way to think about writing. What a thrilling thought that our words might be used in some way by God to bring a blessing from heaven.

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