A Thankful Heart

Today, I rejoice because I feel like God’s treasured possession. I know I am, but I don’t always feel like I am (and I certainly don’t wake up feeling treasured by God all the time).

But today, I did.

I woke up fully rested–a miracle at my age. Thank you, Lord. Thank you! Secondly, I went to gather my rental car for a speaking event I’m driving to, and the car they want to give me is a brand new Volkswagen Jetta. I’ve always wanted to drive one, and here I am. Oh, Lord, thank you for something so extravagant.

The sun is shining. Thank you, Lord. I have a ripe avocado to eat. Thank you, Lord for creating avocados. I’m driving into the woods later to speak at a retreat in the countryside. Thank you, Lord, for streams and forests and creatures like turtles and red foxes.

Before setting out, I finish reading a manuscript for a friend whose words delight me. Thank you, Lord for the gift of writing and for inviting us into the wonder of storytelling and communication. What a joy!

Then, I compose a recommendation for a student to set her up well for her professional life. I’m thankful for my role as mentor and encourager. Thank you, Lord, that you might use me to help younger women succeed.

I’ll drive down country roads, windows down and music blaring. I’ll sip my green tea and much on pecans. I’ll pray. I’ll be with Jesus the whole time. How thankful I am!

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