A Squall Event

My weather alert email arrives to warn me of a squall event in my county. We’re to prepare for sharp gusts of wind. It’s sudden. It’s fast. It’s fierce.

Squall, I’m told, comes from an Old Norse word meaning to squeal or shriek.

We stay inside. We watch the snow swirl up and about. I’m bundled up, ready for squalls. The wind can shriek against us all it wants, but we are safe in here.

Besides, I learn something very hopeful from wisegeek.com regarding squalls: 

After the sudden burst of bad temper on the weather’s part, the sun may come out. It is not uncommon to see rainbows after such storms, and people may notice phenomena like half a structure being drenched in rain while the other half stays dry and sunny. These small, compact weather systems can pack a punch, and are usually gone very quickly.

I want to remember that when I’m in the midst of a bad temper–my own, others’, or even the weather’s: it ends quickly and brings the sun.  We can handle this. No matter how sudden, fierce, or fast, we can weather you.

Have you had a squall event, either personally or meteorologically, lately? 

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