A Smart Question to Ask at the End of an Interview

You know how, at the end of a job interview, the recruiter will ask, “Do you have any questions for us?” Well, students often flounder here. They might try something like, “What’s your favorite part of your work here?” or something more specific about the job like, “What’s a day in the life of someone in this position?” But today I heard a student recount a great end-of-interview-question that opened up a memorable, strategic, and winsome conversation. My student asked this:

Is there anything I can expand upon in my resume that might help you in your hiring decision? 

The recruiter paused and said, “Yes, actually. I’m wondering if you could show your experience with ___________.” My student immediately brightened and offered his best evidence of his qualifications that led to 10 minutes of more positive interaction. Had he never asked this question, the hiring person would have had no opportunity to ease any reservations.

I love this final question. I think it’s smart and strategic. And it works.

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