A Simple Way to Improve Your Teaching

No, it’s not more name games (although they help)!

It’s one thing I often forget. During every class, teachers neglect the need to assess for understanding
Regularly. Two or three times per concept! 
But how? Some ways include asking students to summarize verbally or in writing; to demonstrate the concept; to teach the concept to a partner; or to apply the concept in a different context. 
Sometimes it’s asking students for immediate application in a real-world scenario. 
Normally I think of assessment in terms of big exams or papers, but really, great teachers assess as they go–in small ways–that allow the student to learn, not just prove themselves in some final moment.
I think this makes for great parenting, too.  It’s less stressful! It’s more joyful! 
I’m thankful for teachers who checked for my understanding along the way.
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