A Role Model to Yourself

This morning I woke up thinking about some things I should do but had no desire to do. This list included cleaning my bathroom and doing my exercise program.

The day began. As I read my Bible and drank my coffee, I kept thinking of the idea of a role model. But instead of choosing some fantasy wife and mother who always exercises and always cleans her bathroom, I thought of the ideal version of me. I pictured myself as a role model to myself. In my ideal day, my role model self cleans the bathroom and completes her exercise program. I decided to follow the lead of this role model.

Picturing yourself as a role model to yourself is a way of elevating your goals for the day. It’s a way of setting an intention and then keeping that promise to yourself because that’s who you are. I’ve heard about how “keeping a promise to yourself” builds self-confidence, self-esteem, and your good self-concept generally. I like the idea of keeping promises to myself and serving as a role model to myself. Something about this clicks.

So I got on the bike. I lifted the weights. I stretched. And then I cleaned the bathroom.

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