A Precious Little Garden Visit

I walked outside to the backyard to check on my blackberries and raspberries. I wanted to ensure my “scare tape” was working. As I circled the yard, I noticed a small bird hopping my way with a determined look on his face.

So I sat down in the grass to watch him. He kept hopping. He hopped closer. Then he hopped right into my lap. I held my breath. I felt like Snow White. I felt chosen. I watched him blink his eyes and tilt his little red head as he took me in. Then, he started to peck my leg with his little beak. I noticed his spotted wings.

He was a downy woodpecker, probably just fledged. Or maybe he was injured. I gathered my daughters to see the marvel of him, and we quickly made a tiny birdbath, piled up some birdseed, and spread some peanut butter on a branch of the winterberry bush. He was in heaven as he gobbled the snack and bathed in the birdbath. He stayed all evening and even into the morning. I imagine he’ll fly away sometime today.

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