A Plan for Prayer

When I think about what I would want for myself in the next 5-10 years, I would say I would want to develop most in the area of prayer.

More and more, I’ve finding opportunities to teach and write on what I’m learning about prayer. Maybe I have another book in me after all!

The first thing that I would teach others on prayer is that there’s no part of our lives that goes unseen or uncared about by God. I love that God “formed the hearts of all and considers everything they do” (Psalm 33:15). I believe He wants us to talk to Him about anything and everything as a loving Father. You know when a child comes home from school and you want to hear about his or her day? You want details. You want to know everything. That’s how it is with God. In the words of teens around me, it’s like God says, “OK, girl. Spill the tea.”

My plan for prayer involves taking the time to tell God everything. It takes time, too. And then I need time to listen to Him, too.

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