A New Year Blessing

May the Lord grant you a new friend who makes you laugh so hard you cry. May the Lord give you deep, refreshing sleep. May this be the year something broken becomes mended, something sick becomes healed, and something lost becomes found. May you see marvelous things in God’s creation this year; you live in a world of owls and shooting stars, sea urchins, box turtles, and rare wildflowers. You live in a world of hopping rabbits, bounding deer, and stalking cats. May you see something in nature that fills you up with awe and sends you marveling for the whole week or maybe your whole life. May you hear beautiful music, birdsong, and children playing. May you see kindness and love and humility and remember the goodness of God through people around you. May you hold the hand of someone very young and very old. May this be the year you fall in love again or for the first time. May you let yourself love a pet and wonder why you waited so long for it. May God grant you a curious mind and give you a question to answer and a problem to solve. May you see the uniqueness of how you’re made and how you fit here. May you feel true belonging in someone’s loving embrace. This year, may you forgive, especially yourself. May you listen more. May you give generous gifts and remember the gift of your full attention and full presence. May you read the Bible and experience the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit pushing you towards paths of peace and joy. May you ask, seek, and knock boldly. Let this be the year of courage and faith. Let this be the year of movement–of your body, of your dreams, of your talents growing and blessing the world. May every moment sparkle with divinity. May every moment clothe you in love and the mysterious gift of joy. May this year be new in hope and surrender. You are held in God’s arms and never alone. 

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