A New Era

Ash and I keep noting that we’re in a new era of marriage. Since we had children almost immediately after getting married, we were always married with children. It was never just us. But now, with grown children in their late teens or full adulthood, it’s fun to enjoy a newlywed time we never had.

We head out to the Boalsburg Memorial Day Festival–like we always have for the last 15 years. But this year, our daughters were off on their own (at work or involved in their own projects). We had a blast as we talked to friends, supported the Scouts at their hotdog stand, and enjoyed the high school jazz band. Of course, some events our daughters insist on joining us for, like the BBQ at our neighbor’s house.

As we near the proverbial empty nest, I’m looking forward to a new era. Instead of asking what the girls want to do, we get to look at each other and ask, “What do we want to do?” We plan outings and travel, date nights, and movies that we want. It’s a new era indeed!

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