A Moment of Insight While Feeding a Cat Tuna Flavored Treats

This morning as I fed my neighbor’s cat, I remembered to offer him a few treats from his treat box. I found a little squeezable pouch of this tuna flavored paste. I quietly tore open the pouch.

Instant insanity! The cat went crazy with joy! The cat ran faster than any creature should to my hand that held the treat.

The cat became so focused on consuming this tuna paste that nothing—and I mean nothing–could distract him. My husband was in the kitchen filling the cat bowl with fresh water and fresh food, and I heard him rustling around to locate some of the other treat options.

Normally, this sound in the kitchen would draw the cat in for food and water. But no, not now. Nothing could distract from this cat’s singular motive. Nothing could break his concentration on the tuna. Nothing!

At that moment, as I watched the pure bliss of this cat, I observed his focus. At once point, he turned his face to acknowledge all the distraction from the kitchen, but then he immediately turned back to my hand that held the treat.

I said to him, “Nothing is better than this. You won’t be distracted by anything because what you have here is so much better.”

I thought of my walk with the Lord and what a pleasure it’s been to leisurely read God’s word during COVID-10 and then the holidays. I lingered with the Lord without distraction. It was so good and so pleasant. But this week, with fresh work responsibilities, I feel the distraction of other food, other treats. I want to remember how good it can be to feed on God’s word, to receive from His hand.

I want to be the cat that races in, heartily feasts, and will not leave.


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