A Meal to Deliver

Several years ago, a friend delivered a delicious meal to our family after the birth of my second child. We loved this meal so much! After all these years, I still think about this one meal.

I recently heard that everybody tends to bring lasagna to neighbors who need a meal (and sometimes lasagna gets boring), so I remembered this recipe when it was time to help a neighbor recovering from surgery.

Kids love it. Husbands love it. I love it.

It’s a Cheesy Kielbasa Bake, and since I’m in bed with a fever today, I thought I’d just send you to the website that has the recipe.

If you need to deliver a meal that’s not lasagna, this one tastes great and lasts a few days. Enjoy! (Deliver with salad and brownies!)

What’s your favorite meal to deliver to a neighbor that’s not lasagna?

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