A Little Pumpkin Village

I think these little pumpkin cottages are the most adorable thing! (photos below) On our street, so many children will come trick-or-treating tonight, and we carved these cottages (well, really my daughter did) to display the miniature pumpkins we grew this year. We’ll put tea lights in them to light them up this evening.

I think this adds to my value of “coziness.” Those little pumpkins look so cozy in their houses. As I studied the Danish concept of hygge (and spent time with my dear Danish friend), I realized the joyful feeling that come as the weather feels colder and the days become darker. It’s not a time to feel sad or eager for spring and summer; instead, it’s a time for “coziness.” My friend taught me that hygge is all about soft textures, warm lighting, candles, hot beverages, and anything that creates a snuggly, cozy feeling: a purring cat, a crackling fire, a steaming tea kettle, and loving conversation. It’s about being tucked into a spot, like little pumpkins in their pumpkin cottage. Like Mousekin in his Golden House. Like my family and cats in our home in our Pennsylvania neighborhood. Here we are, tucked in.

Pumpkin Village
Pumpkin Cottage
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