A Little Love for You

I often ask students (and myself) this question: How are you taking care of yourself? It’s a great question to unearth mental health practices, joyful rituals, and habits for well-being. I love hearing what students say whether hydrating, getting out in nature with friends, listening to great music, or cooking a fantastic meal.

This morning, I thought of a better way to phrase the question: How will you show love and kindness to yourself today? We shower our friends with little gifts and expressions of care, but do we do this enough for ourselves? We’re also kind to others. We are patient with them and helpful. But do we extend this kindness to ourselves? So many of us do not. Consider this your task for today!

Today, I could treat myself to a fancy macadamia nut coffee creamer or that oat-milk ice cream everyone’s talking about (I think it’s the Oatly brand). I could go into the woods and take pictures of melting snow. I could relax with my cats and watch Gilmore Girls. What about you? How will you take care of yourself and show love to yourself today?

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