A Little Laughter

What if you prayed for laughter today? I think about the blessing of laughter and the numerous health benefits from having a good laugh. You’ve heard it said that “laughter is the best medicine,” and perhaps we’ve overlooked why. Laughter, it turns out, improves the immune system, relieves stress, and even eases pain. I’ve read about laughter therapy for cancer patients and about laughter interventions for those suffering with depression and anxiety. Laughter aids mental health in wonderful ways.

I’m thinking about laughter because of the ESV translation of Genesis I’m reading. When God blesses Sarah with a son, Isaac, in her old age, the whole miracle feels funny to her. She laughs about it. The Bible says, “Sarah said, ‘God has made laughter for me. . .’.” (Genesis 21:6).

God has made laughter for me.

I think it’s debatable how Sarah feels about this and whether she thinks people are laughing with her and not at her, but in either case, we find laughter.

So I asked God to increase our laughter since it’s so good for us to laugh.



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