A Little Break and A Little Adventure

With high winds tossing tree limbs all over our neighborhood, I wasn’t surprised when the lights flickered. Then, we had no power at all. I quickly discover from neighbors the rumors of a tree that fell across a street that took power lines down with it. We’re all home because of COVID, and with so little to do or connect about, I’m thrilled with the community engagement on this topic of a power outage.

We travel to the suspected street and find we aren’t the only neighbors bored enough to go looking for an adventure. We all sit there and watch the electricians at work above a jumble of tree branches and wires. We fear we might lose power for the whole night.

Thankfully, after a three hour break, the whole house lights up again. I resume my work. I respond to several texts asking if my lights came on. Did I have internet? Did I have all my power? Yes.

And we all enjoyed our little break and our little adventure.

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