A High Alert Situation

Every morning when I open wide the back doors to let the fresh morning air come through the screens, the chipmunks come and taunt our cats. The little chipmunks pop their heads up through the deck and stare at the cats.

The cats stare back.

It’s a high alert situation. The cats stand like statues (except for their tails).

Ears back, tail swishing, eyes fixed. You can’t bother a cat on high alert. The whole body tunes itself to a singular object. Nothing else matters.

Jack with His One Eye Focused

You can’t distract them from this moment. It’s too important.

I thought of Proverbs: “Pay attention and turn your ears to the sayings of the wise.” Nearly every chapter urges, “Pay attention. Turn your ears to wisdom.”

Something about the rigorous cat in front of that chipmunk stays with me all morning. Pay attention. Turn your ears to wisdom in this way. Let nothing else matter. It’s too important.

Happy Weekend!

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