A Great Question for Your Holiday Gathering

Last night at a wedding reception, I tested out my new favorite question to ask people at any gathering. It’s this:

What question do you like people to ask you?

Around our table, I learned wonderful things I would have never thought to ask these people in my life I thought I knew well. Someone wanted us to ask about new hobbies. One person wanted us to ask about the books she’s reading. Another wanted to talk about her work in labor and delivery rooms. Someone requested we ask about a childhood on the farm; still another wanted us to ask about dreams for his future. Someone even wanted us to inquire about things he’s been thinking about lately.

I love it when people ask me what I’m learning in the Bible.

As people reported their answers, we indulged them. We learned all about chores on the farm, about the reality of delivering babies, about new books and new ideas. I shared what I’m learning in Deuteronomy.

(On a side note, someone offered his least favorite question: Have you stopped working out? Ha!)

I’m excited to ask people this question more and more. For my Thanksgiving gathering, I want to try this question to communicate love to those around me. Sometimes we think we imagine what people love to talk about, but we just don’t know.

I’m so glad I asked.

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