A Fun Little Find

As I’ve been thinking about “joys multiplied,” I enjoyed a special little joy this past weekend. As you know, I love the show Gilmore Girls, and I especially love Emily Gilmore’s wardrobe. She is my favorite character. Over the years, I’ve always looked for deals on St. John (Emily’s favorite brand), but these high-end clothes are WAY out of my price range. Some of their sweaters sell for $1000.00 for example.

While traveling to speak in Hunt Valley, Maryland, my friend took me to a thrift store that also sold high-end pieces. That night, everything in the store was 50% off. I saw a sign for St. John vintage pieces. Emily’s sweater was hanging right there in my size! Would you believe that this sweater I found apparently retailed at Neiman Marcus back in the early 2000’s for $700? It’s a sweater Emily Gilmore wears in several episodes (most famously when she threatens to leave for Europe and gets trapped in her basement). I bought the same sweater for $40, and the whole experience brought me so much laughter and joy, especially when I wore it to church and several Gilmore Girls fans recognized it! It’s a beautiful sweater, and it felt like a “multiplied joy” from the Lord.

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