A Firm Place to Stand

I love how, in Psalm 40, we learn how God answers our cry and lifts us up to set our feet “on a rock” and give us a “firm place to stand.”

The image of standing on a firm place helps ease my anxiety, especially over speaking engagements, teaching seminars, or anything I’m doing that breeds uncertainty, confusion, or fear. My emotions or my ability to think everything through isn’t my firm place. Everything going my way isn’t my firm place. Success isn’t my firm place.

Jesus is my firm place.

In Him, this unsteady situation becomes a firm place to stand. If He is the rock and nothing else (not my emotions, planning, certainty), then I can breathe easy and move forward in confidence.

I list out in my journal everything that feels shaky or uncertain. I pray over it all. I ask God to become my firm place to stand.

It’s wonderful to know that I’ve prayed and invited God in. As I recently read a quote from Dr. Myles Monroe: “Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference.”

“Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference.”

Yes, God, interfere here! I give You full permission! Take over and turn these shifting sands of uncertainty into a firm place to stand.

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