A Drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar

I learned how to make salmon cakes with canned salmon, chopped red onion, egg, breadcrumbs, lemon juice, and cilantro. (Make into patties and brown in a little olive oil. Serve warm on a bed of lettuce with chopped peppers.) But wait! You must then drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

The balsamic vinegar! Our secret ingredient of the week! 

I let my little Italian baby girl loose in the kitchen with tomatoes, garlic, onion, oregano, and the secret ingredient of balsamic vinegar to make her own bubbling red sauce paired with angel hair pasta. She makes lunch for the family. 

The balsamic vinegar provides a sweet tang nobody can name. But it sinks in and works. 

Balsamic derives from words meaning curative and restorative. Drizzle means a small amount poured over something. 

We drizzle and cure, restoring something we didn’t know we missed. 

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