A Difficult Prayer

I recently spoke on prayer and some of the new ways I’m praying. I love talking to God about wisdom, favor, protection, and joy. But what about the prayer, “God, send me to help someone”? I realized the difficulty of this prayer when several people mentioned how, when they began to ask God about this, they immediately hoped He wouldn’t answer this prayer.

The prayer caught in their throats. They paused. They retracted the prayer and had to try again with a new heart.

If God sent us to help someone today, wouldn’t it inconvenience us? Wouldn’t it require a change in schedule, a leaking of resources, or a burden we don’t choose? Oh, the human heart and all of its self-centered and self-protective ways! Yes, yes, it’s a difficult prayer indeed.

But imagine the joy of God working through you. Imagine the joy of becoming like Jesus in how He came not to be served but to serve.

It’s a difficult prayer, but a glorious one.

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