A Dad Connecting with Pre-teen and Teen Daughters

This past month, my husband, Ash, and our two daughters (12 and 15 years old), found great ways to connect and spend joyful time with one another. I read somewhere that teen girls tend to spend less and less time with their fathers as they grow––despite longing for these times. I asked Ash if I could write about their activities with the hope it might inspire other families.

To engage our crafty and artistic older daughter, Ash ordered cross-stitch supplies just for the two of them. Together, Sarah and Ash watched instructional videos, ordered immensely complicated patterns, and began a special ritual of handcrafts together.

As I saw Ash spreading out all the supplies and embarking on this activity so far outside of his preference and skill, he said, “It’s amazing what a man can do when he no longer cares what people think about him.”

Ash and my younger daughter decided to train for a 10K race, and they go on runs together every other night. It’s such a special time to talk and work on physical fitness skills. So these days, he’s off running down the street with one daughter and cross-stitching impressionist paintings with another.

They love this time. They feel special and delighted in. And I feel so filled with joy for a father’s heart for his daughters.

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