A Christmas Just Right

This morning I remember to invite Jesus to bring His order to our Christmas. Without the joy, peace, and ordering from Jesus, the holiday collapses once again into self-effort, comparison, and the inevitable feeling that something seems missing.

But when Jesus orders everything? It’s perfect. It’s just as it should be.

If the same Lord who brought absolute order to a universe needing a Savior resides within our hearts, will He not also order the very holiday celebrating His birth? In the rush of getting everything just right, I forget that He makes things just right. I don’t. I can’t. He can.

(That’s what Christmas is, after all. It’s a holiday where God made things right forever through Jesus.)

When I fear that Christmas doesn’t measure up or somehow isn’t happening as I might wish, I pray and invite Jesus to design His Christmas for my family.

He will. He does. And it’s always more marvelous than I can imagine.

Make room for Him. Let Jesus order the holiday. You will see.

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