A Choking Hazard

The Stained-Glass Cookies were one big choking hazard! They were too big! I tried them out on a few 3rd graders, and they were impossible to eat safely. The candy fractured in shards; the cookie fell apart; it was too sticky; it wasn’t fun.

(I gave all of them to graduate students and my own freshman and seniors who could handle the complexity of this cookie. I love students.)

But what to do now? I had promised these cookies to the children, and I promised two dozen for the choir and band concert reception tomorrow night. Oh, blessed is the man who upholds his oath, even when it hurts!

Back to the drawing board. We did more product testing and decided on a simple solution: a smaller cookie and less candy. I realize this is a crazy act of perseverance on my part. I think my heart knows that my days of making class and concert treats are numbered.

I’m in the savoring years. 

It’s a perfect solution. We reduced the cookie significantly and added the thinnest layer of crushed Jolly Rancher. Easy. One bite-full. Children love them, and nobody chokes to death.

Meanwhile, I’m learning the spiritual principle that bigger is not better. Fancy, glamorous, over-the-top things seem fun. That seems like life, but really, it’s one big choking hazard.

I’ll take the little. I’ll take the small. I’ll take what fits perfectly in my hand. This way, I savor.

And yes, I’m laughing at myself for the number of hours I’ve spent baking this week.

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