A Candle for Mother’s Day

I love candles, and so, as you can imagine, that’s what I always ask for on Mother’s Day. The family knows they cannot go wrong with a candle. I’m not even picky, although I do have a favorite candle and scent: the Yankee Candle Citrus and Sage. It’s a wonderful scent for a home.

I love to light a candle in the living room, in the kitchen, or at my writing desk. There’s something so peaceful and orienting about the flickering flame and the fragrance. Candles represent a slowing down, a going inward. They signal a time for reflection and, of course, coziness. When I come home from a long day out, lighting the living room candle means that all is well, I’ve now come home, and the evening of comfort and coziness now begins.

I have learned that we need rituals and objects around us that usher in that cozy feeling of home, and for me, it’s lighting the candle.



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