An Eight Year Reminder

On this night in 2010, we invited a stranger into our house. We almost didn’t, but we did. On this night, in 2011, we learned about thundersnow. On this night in 2012, I was posting final grades and discussing the concept of the best worst grade. On this night in 2013, I learned about my smartest but ugliest tree. On this very night in 2014, I learned what a child most wanted to be when she grew up.  It was a great friend.

2015? I wrote the blog above about ordinary reminders on ordinary days. I wrote this:

As I reminisce about these ordinary days as a family, I’m amazed that our best memories don’t involve material objects, elaborate holiday experiences, or expensive treats. When we were really living and recording what mattered most, it was hospitality, nature, God’s purposes, and friendship.

I needed that reminder tonight.

What about 2016? I hosted an Italian Mamas luncheon and felt so proud of myself for all I’d learned. I thought about becoming a true Italian Mama and teaching younger mothers the way they taught me.

And today? I’m making my children’s favorite rigatoni recipe with Grandma Kitty’s spaghetti sauce. I’ll walk with neighbors and maybe have a few over for tea and cookies. On this day, I’m doing laundry, writing my new book on my new verb, and learning about living in spiritual realities when my emotions and circumstances bring me down. Today, I will act in truth, not in emotions.

I’m not sure what 2018 will bring, but I know this: It will be gloriously ordinary.


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