3 Ways to Debrief

After school, we institute our sifting and sorting routine.  We hang up coats, put away our shoes, and carefully empty the backpacks.  We sort each paper, display art projects, and clean out the lunchboxes.  The whole process takes only 15 minutes. 

If we don’t do this, the mess and mayhem of the day simply tumbles into the next day and the next after that.

I realize it’s the same for me mentally.  Living with flair means I sift and sort the day.   What did I learn?  What do I need to tell others about?  What would I do differently tomorrow?  I’m sorting, displaying, and cleaning.  These three questions provide the perfect debriefing. 

I have a friend who calls and tells me simply that it’s time for me to debrief.  She encourages me to sift and sort the day, put things in order, and repack the truth for tomorrow. 

Blogging, for me, is the grand debriefing.  And each day, I find one great thing I learned, one great thing to report, and one thing I might do differently tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, I think I need to drink less caffeine!  And, now that I’m thinking about it, I will not eat handfuls of chocolate tomorrow just because a neighbor had a bowl of candy out. 

Did you debrief today? 

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