3 Ways a “We” Mindset Changes Me

Lately, I’ve remembered to focus on the “we” and not the “me.” I’ve been too individualistic most of my life. My culture feeds this. My own self-centered reading of scripture pollutes a truth I’m coming to understand.

When I read the scriptures and the profound mystery of a life in Christ, I read more about the “we”–the body, the holy dwelling place, the church, and the togetherness. It’s always “we” and seldom “me.”

It’s a mystery because we are part of one another. We belong to one another. We are a holy dwelling together.

When I have a “we” mindset, I take care of you.

When I have a “we” mindset, I’m not interested in advancing my own name or agenda.

When I have a “we” mindset, I’m desperately concerned with my community and not just my own household. 
When you prosper, we prosper. When you suffer, we suffer. 
I’m asking God to deepen my understanding of this mystery. We together are a holy dwelling place. We together are one body. 
I consider my role in loving you. I consider how my actions build the we instead of the me.
I consider my role as we, not me. 
What does a “we” mindset mean for you? Teach me! 
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