3 Quotes from Hannah Whitall Smith

As I catch up on some of my devotional reading today, I find myself once again so encouraged by Hannah Whitall Smith. She writes three things that strengthen my heart and I pray yours as well:

#1: God will manage everything concerning us. “Trusting, therefore, simply means that when we have yielded, or given, ourselves to the Lord, we then have perfect confidence that He will manage us and everything concerning us exactly right, and we consequently leave the whole care and managing in His hands.”

#2. If I knew what God knew, I would choose what He has chosen for me. “The deliverance may not always come in your own way, but it will surely come in God’s way; and God’s way is always the best way, the way we ourselves would choose if we knew all that He knows.”

#3. God can make even evil carry a blessing for us. “All things serve God. . . While the Lord does not inaugurate the evil, when that evil is directed against His children, He makes it His ‘servant’ to carry them a blessing. All things are yours not to trouble you and not you harm but to bless you and do you good.”

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