3 P’s of Good Teaching

Today I talked with a colleague about the 3 P’s of Great Teaching.

Positive Mood: Research shows how creating a positive mood in a classroom enhances learning and creativity. In my classroom, I increase the positive mood by playing music, asking about good news people are celebrating, or having students answer an attendance question about what’s going well for them.

Prior Knowledge:I’m learning to check for prior knowledge before launching into a lesson plan. Asking students what they already know (and allowing them to display their knowledge) allows them to form stronger cognitive connections as they then learn new skills.

Perform the Skill: A great class involves assessing for understanding. I’m trying more to invite students to perform the skills I’m teaching whether on the spot, in an email later, or in a short assignment. Immediately after teaching a concept, good teachers assess for understanding. Then, they make adjustments based on what students need.

Create a positive mood, ask for prior knowledge, and let students perform the skill you’re teaching.

And that’s your teaching lesson for the day!

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