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Remember Faith

It’s silly, I know. I forget that I’m living by faith. When I cannot see the way ahead, I remember this is a life of

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Lower Ground

We return from high-altitude to low altitude, and we enjoy the change in pressure. I think about our sensitivity to certain environments and how we’re

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What She Packed

Last night I hear a speaker, Beth Guckenberger, who spoke on something I had never thought about. After the account of exodus from slavery in

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Turning the Heart

In 1 Kings 8:58, we read this prayer: “May he turn our hearts to him, to walk in obedience to him and keep the commands, decrees

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A Family Blessing

This morning I read this blessing that I pray over my family from Psalm 115:14-15: May the Lord cause you to flourish,    both you and your children.May you

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A Little Something

When I travel, I love to carry a little something from home to make a strange environment feel cozy. My favorite little something is a

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