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The One Word Reminder

Years ago, I read a parenting book about the power of the one word reminder.  Instead of spouting out long, elaborate directions to children, especially

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I learned last week about the word “belongingness.”  It’s the human need to feel like we belong to a group and that we are part

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Snowflake Photography

Early this morning, the children race around the house to announce the news:  Snow!  Just flurries, but still the excitement mounts as the sun rises

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Even the Olives

Even the olives are stuffed at my house today. The rooms overflow with family–children underfoot, waiting for a feast.  Even the animals are well-fed and

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Answer with Joy

Winterberry Holly This weekend, I could not help my fascination with winterberry holly.  I love how vibrant the berries appear against a drab late-autumn landscape. 

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