2 Lessons from Dr. Henry Cloud

I’m listening to Henry Cloud answer questions based on his expertise in leadership and clinical psychology. As guests present problems and ask for personal advice, I write down as many of Dr. Cloud’s golden words as I can. 

I glean some wisdom I needed! He imparts that one of the goals of parenting is helping children become resilient and resourceful when faced with problems. As parents, we can encourage our children to reach out to God, family, and friends for support. But we don’t rescue or solve problems; instead we invite resourcefulness and empower them.
Resourcefulness! I forget that my role as a parent isn’t to rescue or solve problems.  

also learn from Dr. Cloud the principle that “closed systems” eventually expire over time. He encouraged the audience members to continually keep our lives and work open to new energy and new intelligence. We stay open to God and others, and we seek to input fresh perspectives and support into our lives and work. 
I think about problems as opportunities to become resourceful. And I think of areas of my life that feel like closed systems. I open these places up to something new.
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