15 Kinds of Gratitude

Today my friend reminds me to practice different kinds of gratitude. What do you mean kinds of gratitude?

She tells me that gratitude takes on several forms. You can practice gratitude for people who have blessed you or circumstances you enjoy, for example. This got me thinking. How many kinds of gratitude are there?

I thought of 15, but I think many more exist.
1. Gratitude for people
2. Gratitude for surroundings
3. Gratitude for suffering and what it produces in us
4. Gratitude for hope in our heart
5. Gratitude for the provision of food and shelter
6. Gratitude for forgiveness of sin
7. Gratitude for the ability to bless others
8. Gratitude for worship
9. Gratitude for creative expression in all forms
10. Gratitude for work
11. Gratitude for restorative sleep
12. Gratitude for laughter and the ability to perceive humor and irony
14. Gratitude for the capacity to learn
15. Gratitude for growing things of all kinds

This whole entire day just shimmers with gratitude. I feel better already.

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