10 Orderly Relationships

Today in church, I find myself praying about all the ways God restores right order and right relating. I normally think about relating to God and then others, but I consider this:

I pray for a right relationship to my work, to the earth, to my own body, to objects or possessions, to money, to my past, to my future, and even to my own mind. 

I pray broadly for God’s good and right order in areas I hadn’t considered. For my family, especially my daughters, I pray that God restores a right relationship between them and each new category. 

Put us in a right and proper relationship to You, others, ourselves, our pasts, and our futures. 

People rightly related would experience that shalom peace of God on all sides. For us, I pray for these orderly relationships:

To God

To others

To work

To money

To the mind

To the earth

To the body

To the past

To the future

To objects or possessions 

I want orderly relationships. I’m excited to search the scriptures to see God’s instructions for each category. I see evidence all around indicating disorder and wrong relating, so I’m eager to think more deeply about this. 

I take notes: a disordered relationship to the past, for example, showcases bitterness and anger; a disordered relationship with my body might reveal any host of unhealthy behaviors; a disordered relationship to the earth might mean exploitation or harm; a disordered relationship to my future places me in fear, anxiety, or selfish ambition. Oh, the things I’m now wondering! 

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