10 Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

Sometimes folks ask me for my best gift ideas for writers. Here you go! Since I write for long stretches of time, I love these ten products (or variations of them) that help make the writing day wonderful. Quick list summary: amazing pens, a spiral journal, good coffee, slippers, fancy tea, nuts and dried fruit, dark chocolate, a restaurant gift card, a soy candle collection, or a cardigan with pockets for chilly afternoons.

  1. For recording great ideas and outlining chapters: The TUL retractable gel pen.

2. To keep nearby for use with the new pens: Spiral Journal

3. To sip in the morning to begin a day of writing: Lavazza Espresso

4. To keep feet cozy and warm while writing, and to function as both indoor and outdoor shoes to grab the mail, walk the dog, or stretch the legs for a short walk: Great Slippers

5. As the day continues, writers need a tea break with the best tea: Tea Forte

6. And of course, they need healthy mid-morning and afternoon snacks, so I suggest any kind of dried fruit and nut collection.

7. And some sweet treats: Dark Chocolate

8. Don’t forget a restaurant gift card for writers with manuscript deadlines.

9. Perhaps a soy candle to create a nice writing atmosphere.

10. Finally, a cardigan with pockets for chilly evenings. The pockets hold the phone and the chocolates, of course.

I hope you like this little gift guide for the writer in your life!

PS: Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to amazon.com, so I earn from qualifying purchases.

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