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I would love to join you for your event or longer retreat. 2020-2021 conference themes: “Seated and Sent” and “Seated, Guarded, and Chosen.” I regularly speak before audiences large and small on my favorite topics. I currently speak on the overlooked verbs in scripture, seated, endure, guarded, included, and chosen. I love teaching on identity in Christ, evangelism, prayer, enjoying God’s word, and how to improve your writing. I also love training teachers and public speakers to develop their skills.

Speaking requests: Contact Moody Publishers: Janis Todd: publicity@moody.edu.

Producers, hosts, reporter, or member of the media for interviews: Email Janis Todd at publicity@moody.edu or call (312) 329-2108.

2020 Events  

January 20                                  Skype UK, Premier Christianity

February 28-29                                          South Main Baptist, SC 

March 20-21                                  Brandywine Grace Church, PA

April 17                                                State High Writing Day, PA 

April 24                                             AACF / EPIC at Penn State

June 8th                                             Cru High School

July 21-22                                           Power to Change Conference, Canada  

September 18                                      Crossroads EmpowHER                   

September 24-27                        High Ground at Gettysburg, PA

October 14-15:                                             Grove City College, PA

October 23-24                                              Cru Getaway, Miami University 

November 13-15                                                            

December 28-31:                              Cru Winter Conference, MN


2021 Events and Available Dates 

January 15-16

January 23                  (Under Contract / East Stroudsburg) 

February 5-6

February 19-21                             First Presbyterian Church, VA

March 5-6

March 26-27

April 9-10

September 10-11                        Lifeway Church, Sanford, FL

October 8-9                                  

October 14                                    Grove City under contract 

October 22-23

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Listen to Selected Interviews

Interview on My Faith Radio with Susie Larson, March 14, 2017. Listen here. 

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