Positioned to Dance

The grove of trees behind my home stands completely still this morning. 

Except for one little tree.  That tree’s bright green leaves shimmy and shake as if tickled by unseen fingers.  Her branches lift and fall, and the whole tree turns and glows in the new sun.  She’s animated–breathing–and dancing to the wind. 

The other tall trees look on with doubt. 

I can’t figure it out: Why would only one tree blow in the wind while the other trees around her, bored and exhausted, drop their boughs in silence? 

A wind current I cannot perceive ruffles the leaves of that one tree.  I’ve seen this sort of thing before.  In a forest, sometimes only a few trees catch the flow of the wind.  The others–too short or too tall, too near or too far–remain unaffected. 

I want to be that little tree positioned in the current of God’s spirit today.  Let us breath and dance like that even in a crowd of doubters. Let us shimmy and be tickled.  

Journal:  What do you do to “keep in step with the Spirit?”