Too Deep for Words

Waterfall After the Rain

When I’m out here in the woods, I don’t think about shopping or decorating my house or how many pounds I have to lose. 

When I’m out here in the woods, I listen to the way the water sounds as it spills down this hill. 

And when I’m out here in the woods, I talk with my friend about Jesus and truth and meaning.

There’s something about creeks and rivers that sets my soul back on track.  I look deep into the pools that gather by fallen logs, hoping to see fish or turtles.

I’ve never, even after all these years and pages and pages of writing, been able to capture in words what it feels like to stand by the rushing water in the deep woods.

It’s too powerful for words.

Water Rushing in the Deep Woods

Living with flair means finding places with God that go deeper than language.   

Journal:  What’s that sublime place for me?