Seaweed and My Back-to-School Plan

I’m learning that children eat anything if you wrap it in seaweed.

I make a pot of rice and then mix in some rice vinegar. 

I spread the sticky rice over the seaweed, and then I arrange some cream cheese, scrambled eggs, and spinach on top.

I roll it up.

I slice and serve it.

The sushi disappears.

Who knew that my daughters and their friends would eat whatever I roll into the rice and seaweed?  I experiment with fish, nectarines, various vegetables, and even more cream cheese.  Gone

I’m packing sushi for lunch when school starts with lots and lots of spinach.  Living with flair means you wrap things in seaweed sometimes because children (and adults) love novelty and food art.

Maybe we can endure anything if we just clothe it and present it correctly. 

Journal:  What can you arrange in a different way to make more appealing?