What You Set in Motion Today

I’m listening to Francis Chan speak to a group of 5,000 folks.  He says, “Go do something that requires faith.”  I realize that every wonderful event in my life almost didn’t happen because of my being too nervous, too insecure, or too self-involved.  Marriage, parenting, writing, teaching, or moving to new places?  These things aren’t always easy, obvious, or natural.  

As I thought about that quote, I suddenly realized that it’s not just big and life-changing things that require enormous faith.  What about knocking on a neighbor’s door to start a friendship?  What about writing this very sentence?  What about even waking up this morning and choosing a good mood?  (Now that’s faith for me!) A very small act might create an avalanche reaction of beauty, joy, and change.  

I’m going to do things that require faith today.  It’s not just big things.  Waking up cheerfully might be my act of faith today. Who knows what I’ve just set in motion?

Journal:  What am I doing that requires faith?